What to Consider When Purchasing Traffic Signs

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The Importance of Quality Traffic Signs

Driving down the road, we see tons of traffic & safety signs. We know that red means stop, yellow means caution, and green means go. Traffic signs tell us where to go and how to get from one point to another safely. For this purpose, it is vital for road commissions, businesses, schools, and communities to place signs on their roads properly. However, for them to do their job efficiently, there are other factors you need to consider when purchasing traffic signs.


Correct sign placement involves more than installing a traffic sign. It is critical to place them where they belong, but you must also consider what grade of sign to use. Street signs can be engineer grade, high-intensity prismatic grade, or diamond grade reflective sheeting.


Quality traffic & safety signsDuring the night, especially when driving in the snow retroreflectivity is a necessity. That is why all signs must be reflective for road users can see the at a safe distance. High-Intensity Prismatic (HIP) signs provide high levels of retroreflectivity. These signs are designed to capture low luminescence and amplify it so they can be seen at night from 100 or more meters away. The clearer visibility of these signs gives drivers a better warning, which ultimately leads to reducing accidents.


Quality traffic & safety signs use retroreflective material to create areas of maximum visibility. Also, the contrast between letter or symbol and background, letter size and spacing, and border are determinant in the quality of a traffic sign.

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