What Type of Storefront Signage is Best For Your Business?

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The type of store you have and the atmosphere you’re trying to create can help you choose the right type of sign for your storefront. You have to consider the materials that you use, as well as, the size you choose. A storefront sign needs to make a good, long-lasting impression that reflects your brand and the types of products and services you provide.

Permanent storefront signage

Storefront signage

We have the full spectrum of storefront signage.

The basic necessities for a great storefront sign are strength and legibility. The materials you use need to be durable and able to withstand weather, temperature, and other elements that travel through the air. It should be legible and recognizable from afar, but not so big that it overwhelms the entire storefront. It should be visible during the day and at nighttime.

Metal signs

Making a storefront out of metal is a great permanent solution for a storefront sign. If you’re thinking that metal is going to be too industrial and hard for your brand, remember that you can manipulate any type of material with the right design, lettering, and colors. A metal sign can be clean and modern, industrial, retro, and even soft. No matter the design, a metal storefront sign is weather resistant and sturdy.

Design ideas for metal signs

A metal sign doesn’t have to be one dimensional and flat. You can add dimension and texture by using 3D lettering and various thicknesses. You can also make the sign two-sided, so you reach customers coming from any angle. Be sure to add your logo in a prominent position, so that it is easily recognizable and memorable to potential customers.

Window signs

Choosing sign for storefront

Choose a storefront sign that reflects your brand.

If there isn’t room for a sign, or you feel it will detract from your storefront, you can use your windows as the canvas for your storefront sign. Window signage is a low maintenance, low-cost storefront signage option. But, be careful when you design window signs. You don’t want to completely block the view from inside and outside the store. Keep it simple, classy, and memorable.

Fabric signs

A nice awning can also double as your storefront sign. Just make sure that the materials that you use are weather resistant. An awning will also shield customers on rainy days, and block the heat of the sun on sunny days.

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