The Right Signage for Every Occasion

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Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs. There are literal signs and metaphorical signs. There are permanent signs and temporary signs. Signs inform, entertain, and attract. Once you know the purpose of your sign, it’s time to choose the right signage for the occasion.

Marketing your event or business

Metal signsCompany signage is the face of your business. It’s the first impression that many customers get before they ever meet a person. For company signage, you’re going to want to look for permanent signage that will make a lasting impression on your customers. But, there is also a need for temporary signage. Event signage for street fairs, festivals, political campaign, etc. all need promotional signage, but the type of sign and the materials used will be different than those used for a permanent sign.

Temporary indoor or outdoor signage

Corrugated plastic, also called Coroplast, is a great material for making event signage. Coroplast is a low-cost, lightweight material and is perfect for temporary indoor or outdoor signage.

Instructional signage

Signs that are meant to inform or provide safety information needs to be made from a material that is a bit sturdier and more permanent than coroplast. Aluminum, alumacore, or max metal is typically used for outdoor instructional and directional signage.

Banner signs

If you’re headed to a trade show, festival, or promotional event, a full-color banner that is printed on both sides will give your cause maximum business exposure. They can be big, bold, fun, and add excitement to any type of event. Be sure to have some pamphlets, business cards, or other promotional materials printed up so that anyone being drawn in by your full-color banner will have something to take away and remember you by.

Murals, window, and floor graphics

Floor graphicsSignage isn’t just for your customers, and they don’t always have to inform or promote. Murals, window, and floor graphics can be used to add ambiance and atmosphere in your place of business. These types of indoor graphics can be used to motivate your employees and make your office a more vibrant and inviting place to work.

Vehicle graphics

The ultimate promotional signage is the graphics and art that you put on your vehicle. Vehicle wraps give huge returns on your investment, creating thousands of impressions a day. If you’re looking to expand your brand and saturate your local market, a vehicle wrap is the most cost-effective type of signage.

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