A Well-Designed Sign Is a Smart Business Investment

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According to the International Sign Association, when you hire a professional signage company to design and manufacture your commercial signage, you can increase your customer base up to 50%! With that being said, it is a smart move to choose a graphic design company with experience and high-quality signage products. Make sure to avoid the mistake that many business owners make when choosing the cheapest option in the market to “save” money by sacrificing quality.

Why Is It Important to Have High-Quality Commercial Signs?

Most of the outdoor signs you can find when looking around the street are meant to let people know that a business is there and what kind of products or services it offers. So one of the main reasons why an attractive sign is vital for your business is because it will create brand awareness.

According to several studies, 85% of your customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your business. A substantial number of them see your sign when driving to and from work, school, and shopping areas. Some of them even pass your signage location 50 to 60 times each month.  

When you choose Signs First for your commercial signage needs, we will help you design an attractive signage product to catch your potential buyer’s attention each time they pass by your store. To do so, we will use high-end equipment, premium materials, and the experience of our highly qualified graphic designers.  

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At Signs First, every customer matters to us. Our goal is to provide all of them with a product that fulfills the job of advertising or informing what it is meant to do effectively and efficiently while providing an experience that is fun, collaborative, and exciting. We strive to provide convenience while helping our customers expand their exposure with a full range of branded products. Send us an email with your signage needs or request a free quote today.