Need Short-Term Signs for Your Next Event

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Temporary Signs Options

Temporary signs are widely used for special occasions, event and sale needs. These products are light-weight, affordable and very easy to install. Coroplast® is one of the leading materials in Temporary Signage. Let’s take a look at more short-term signage solutions.

Coroplast Signs

Coroplast SignsCoroplast® or Corrugated plastic signs are a lightweight and economical signage solution. These signs are best for a broad range of indoor and short-term outdoor uses.

Corrugated plastic offers a variety of colors to complement your sign message. This versatile product can be used to show an architect’s drawing of a new building, to announce a new business, for special events signage, as indoor point-of-purchase, directional signage during construction, trade shows, temporary real estate signage, among many others. Coroplast® can also be cut to create collapsible signs. Further, it can be pre-cut into many shapes to construct more specialized shaped signs.

Foam BoardShort-Term Signs

This material is mostly used for temporary applications. It is a lightweight and rigid product, which makes it a preferred option for letting shoppers know about seasonal specials,  featured products or services in your store. They are also perfect for seminar show cards.

This option offers an exceptionally smooth surface that laminates well, making it a preferred choice for mounting digitally-printed digital, color graphics.


A polystyrene is a solid, white plastic, ideal for those seeking low-cost signage. Opt for this alternative when you need more durability than coroplast, but presentation value is not a concern. Use them for wall mounted directories, maps and sponsor signs.

Temporary Signage Solutions ColoradoThere is no need to produce signs good for 25 years when they will only be up for a few months! Signs First offers quality temporary signs that are good for a year outdoors, are affordable, and can be produced in a few days. We can provide all types of temporary signage solutions for businesses in Greeley, Colorado. Call us at +1 970-339-5859 to get yours today!