Keeping Your Company Sign Simple and Effective

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Never underestimate the power of a great sign. A sign isn’t just a name tag for your business, it’s a way to brand yourself and make your mark. A well placed, and well-designed business sign should grab the attention of passers-by, but not be so gaudy that it overwhelms people. You want to demand attention, not scream for attention.

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Signs are good for business

When people go looking for your business, they look for a sign to point them in the right direction. But, a sign should also make people curious about your business. A sign should both inform and intrigue. Although a sign should serve many functions, you always have to keep the design simple.

Consistent branding and messaging

The first step to a great business sign is to make it consistent with the rest of your branding. You want to stick to the same font, colors, and attitude that reflects your business. There are different types of signs that can help you give off the right impression. The sign should match your brand in size, art, and text.

Keep the design simple

You can say a lot with a little. The only thing your business sign should say is the name of your company and maybe a short tagline or call to action. If you want to say more, then use colors, font, a signature symbol, or different textures to put more emotion into the sign. But remember, all of these design elements should be consistent with your brand messaging.

Effective signage

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A great sign can be short, sweet and to the point.

Legibility helps a lot in making a sign effective. After legibility comes repetition. Repetition is key in branding. Yout want your company name, logo, and maybe, a short tagline to be memorable and recognizable. The more consistent your signage and your branding is on all fronts, the more effective it will be. Your business sign should match all other marketing you’ve done for your business. Your sign should be like a signature that will make people recognize and remember yours.

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Your company’s signage is the face of your company until your customers meet you. Signs First in Greenley offers long-term and temporary signage for every need. We offer the full spectrum of signage. Call or stop by today to meet with a trained sign expert to discuss the best option for your needs.