Expanding Your Fleet and Growing Your Business in 2018

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Happy New Year!

We hope you had a profitable 2017. Hopefully, 2018 will bring even more good fortune and your business will thrive. But, to help secure those profits, it’s time to expand your fleet to accommodate a growing customer base. If you’re adding to your fleet, work with Signs First for consistency in graphic vehicle wraps and branding from start to finish.

Best vehicle wraps in Greenley, Colorado

Work with Signs First for consistency in vehicle wraps when you expand your fleet.

Consistent Graphic Design

“Fleet Branding or the “Moving Billboard” is the lifeblood for small to large companies to grow or maintain their brand awareness in their local market.”

Since you’re expanding your fleet you already have a few branded vehicles on the road that we’ll need to match. But, before you go and copy the same vehicle wrap from your old vehicles to the new vehicles, it’s time to take stock of your branding and your design. Although the old design has clearly worked for you, or you wouldn’t be expanding, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make small changes to upgrade and make your vehicle graphics more effective and memorable.

New Services and Functions

With a business expansion, often times you’ll also be adding new services and new functions to the business. Talk to our design team to see if these new functions should be advertised on the vehicle. Remember, only the most important details should be advertised on a vehicle wrap, so don’t overload your design with a bunch of new services. However, if the new services are something that your customers have been asking for, then it may be worth the time to look at the old design and see if you can’t add new services. And, if you’re going to change the design on the new vehicles, the design should be changed on the old too.

Checking Old Vehicle Wraps

High-Quality Vehicle Graphics in Greenley

As your business grows, so does your services. Talk to our design team about updating your vehicle graphics.

Consistency is the key to any branding and advertising. Even if you’re sticking with the old design, that doesn’t mean that the old vehicles aren’t in need of a little upgrade. You don’t want to have a bunch of “old” looking vehicle wraps on the road next to shiny new vehicle wraps. This sort of inconsistency will not do anything for your brand. If you’re expanding your fleet, make sure that all vehicles on the road look the same. So, take stock of the condition of your old vehicle wraps and make sure that when your expanded fleet hits the roads, they all look new, clean, vibrant, and worthy of your business.

Choose the Right Graphics Design Company

When you work with Signs First you get a one-stop shop for fleet branding. We’ll work with you to design the right wrap to brand your business. We’ll collaborate with you on design, color scheme, and placement for maximum effect. We’ve got the capacity to turn your fleet, whether it’s two vans or ten, into moving billboards that will blow the lid off of your sales.