Danger: Inadequate Signage Creates Safety Issues

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Every employee needs to make the workplace as safe as possible for all workers. As well as instilling proper safety measures and procedures, it’s equally important to have proper safety signage to increase workplace safety.

Types of safety signs

Safety signs There are three types of safety signs that alert workers and visitors from potential hazards: Danger Signs, Caution Signs, and Instructional Signs. To determine how and when signs should be used, there are two agencies that set the universal safety signage rules, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Danger signs

If the situation can result in death or serious injury to people or property, there must be appropriate danger signs in place. All danger signs follow the same template. Each sign should read “danger” at the top of the sign, like a letterhead. The danger heading is always written in white lettering with a red background, and a black border. The bottom two-thirds of the sign remains white, with black lettering clearly spelling out the danger.  Some danger signs will also have a picture of the potential danger, but this is optional.

Caution signs

In situations where there is a risk of minor injury, caution signs are required. Caution signs use yellow as the predominant color, signaling to anyone around that they need to tread carefully and be alert. Further information regarding the potential risk can be added underneath in black writing on a white background.

Instructional signs

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Minimize the risk of injuries with the right safety signage.

Whenever danger or caution signs are necessary, you’ll most likely need general safety instructions posted for the particular area. Safety instructional signs should use a green background on the upper panel, and then black lettering on a white background for further instructions underneath. Having simple and easy to follow instructions posted is another required safety net that will increase workplace safety.

Safety signs in Greenley

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